Medical Mediation and Healthcare Arbitration


Lead ADR Expert:
  • Dr. J. Michael Schneider MD MS-ADR holds a Master’s degree in legal studies and Alternative Dispute Resolution from Creighton University School of Law, finishing first in his class.
  • Dr Schneider is a board certified neurosurgeon with thousands of surgeries and several academic appointments during his 30 year medical career.
  • Dr. Schneider has served as Chief of Surgery, Chief of Neurosurgery, Medical Staff President, Utilization Review counsel, and worked extensively as impartial facilitator in dispute resolution with human resources and quality assurance in several medical institutions.
  • Dr. Schneider’s unique perspective assures the litigation team will avoid costly mistakes during liability prosecution and medical board actions.
  • He is adept at resolving insurmountable conflicts between competitive and adverse healthcare professionals and is a proficient and effective mediator and subject matter expert co-arbitrator, critical to litigation management.

  • Dr. Schneider provides independent counsel, ensuring insight and strategic support desperately required for the personal and professional health of Providers.
  • The caustic impact of liability claims, board challenges and negative public perception on Healthcare Providers creates the “second victim” syndrome.
  • Dr. Schneider is committed to assuring that no Provider is abandon during legal proceedings.

  • Dr. Schneider is a nationally recognized orator, providing discourse on topics ranging from liability risk mitigation, Provider communication expectations and the role of alternative dispute resolution in Healthcare.
  • Engaged by medical malpractice liability companies, lawyers and individual physicians, Dr. Schneider is available as the Expert in Alternative dispute resolution during Healthcare Conflict, assuring an impartial but learner voice during acrimonious communication and negotiations across the dispute chasm.