Mediation and Consulting Expertise

Establishing efficient, productive and collaborative Healthcare networks utilizing mediation, negotiation and creative alternative dispute resolution skills with medical practice expertise.

     Resolving intractable challenges through consulting engagement:

  • Skilled Impartial Mediator in Healthcare conflicts and Mediation expertise in medical malpractice tort claims.
  • Skilled Impartial Arbitrator in Arbitration as subject matter expert in Healthcare conflicts and medical malpractice tort claims.
  • Guest lecturer – merging ADR techniques to improve Healthcare Delivery.


  • Conflict Engagement strategies to manage difficult, toxic and high conflict personalities in healthcare field.
  • Resolving escalating disputes between Provider partners and associates and resolving hierarchical disputes between Providers, mid-levels, nursing and ancillary personnel.
  • Facilitator to Providers oppressed by tort claim challenges, managing psycho-professional stress while mastering peer communication, social media strategy and lay press response.
  • Analysis, strategic planning and tactical execution during administrative complaints against Providers by hospitals, medical boards and licensing agencies.
  • Preparation and navigating the relationships with patients, their family and peers after adverse outcomes.
  • Negotiation strategies for successful collaborative vision between  Healthcare Providers in their business endeavors.
  • Expert Witness and strategic asset in neurosurgical tort claims management.


Hourly and project rates negotiated with each client based upon urgency, depth and breath of engagement.